Landscape Maintenance Services

Clemens & Associates, Inc. provides professional landscape maintenance to ensure the integrity of your landscape investment.
The pioneer of the maintenance division and resident horticultural expert, Kristin Erchinger, has been with Clemens and Associates Inc. for almost 20 years. Along with her education and extensive professional experience in the desert Southwest, Kristin implements best horticultural practices to be executed on a range of large commercial complexes to single-family residential homes.

Under Kristin's skillful guidance, our maintenance personnel have the horticultural expertise to help young gardens make a graceful transition into maturity, and all gardens to look their finest throughout the year. With our knowledge of current plant research and gardening techniques, our team will encourage your garden to respond positively to the natural changes that occur over time. We emphasize the use of organic garden care methods, integrated pest management, and water conservation methods whenever possible. Our maintenance team can also coordinate landscape additions, from plants and decorative pots and garden ornaments, to minor hardscape changes.

Additional maintenance services include:
  • Water use management, including rain sensor installation
    and water meter reading and tracking
  • Annual container garden planting
  • Seasonal irrigation turn-on and shutoff
  • Soil testing
  • Holiday lighting and decorating

Words of Praise:

"I am very pleased with the Clemens team. Kristen Erchinger, Director of the Clemens Maintenance Division, is a knowledgeable horticulturalist and a good problem-solver. In our weekly walk-through of the La Vereda grounds, Kristen has shown her dedication to the continued improvement of the property. Our crew chief Jose Padilla has been outstanding, and really cares about his work.Clemens' irrigation technician, Gilberto Morales-Perez, has quickly resolved irrigation emergencies, and has made cost effective repairs and additions to the existing irrigation system. The labor and maintenance crews are hard-working, focused, professional, and very knowledgeable. The Clemens team does its job well and shows good attention and judgment by noticing and attending to the issues that arise on the property."
-Tom Spray, Managing Agent, La Vareda Compound

"I would like to convey my high opinion of Clemens Landscaping and the professionalism with which they installed a very complicated drip irrigation system. Kristen Erchinger, who was in charge of this installation, is very knowledgeable, both about watering systems and the plant material that will be put in in the future. I also appreciated receiving a firm bid on the job,rather then cost plus. It is worry free and I recommend that way of doing business. Clemens is the only landscaper in Santa Fe I would recommend."
-Todd Granzow, Santa Fe

"Kristin, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service that you and those working with you provide. You are always so helpful and quickly respond to any problem or concern. The people treat our property as if it were their own, and with a great deal of pride. They are always so helpful and many times going out of their way to help. There is a reason Clemens has such a good reputation, they earn it every day. Not only from me, but from other landscape companies. It is apparent that when you treat your staff with appreciation, they treat your customer the same way."
-Manny Marczak, Santa Fe

"We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the landscaping done at our home by your company, Clemens & Associates. When we bought our home, the areas around our home were a construction site. You transformed them into beautiful gardens with imaginative hardscaping and grass areas. You were exact in how you followed our budget and selected materials and plantings that were within our budget while creatively filling our gardens [...] 
We’ve maintained your company for yearly maintenance as well. Your crew chief, Jose, and his workers are very caring about our gardens and trees. They are a pleasure to have at our home weekly as well. They are very nice, respectful and knowledgeable people."

-Betsy and Larry Hendrickson, Santa Fe

"The Inn and Spa at Loretto has been associated with Clemens and Associates for many years, with me personally being a part of that arrangement since early 2008. In my estimation they have partnered well with us, always being receptive to our changing needs [...]. I find team Clemens to be very talented and skilled in their field and trust their judgment, whether it is regarding the placement of new landscaping material, maintenance of the existing workload or ongoing future items [...]."
-Stefan Huber, Former GM, Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe

"I am so impressed with all that [the crew] did and in such a short period of time. It would have taken me days to plant everything they planted. And they cleaned up too! I hope that they will continue to be my crew. I really enjoy working with them and they are the best (and so nice).
My only regret is that I did not do this sooner, i.e., have you do my gardening. I am loving it.”

-Elizabeth Kelly, Santa Fe

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